In SOFTAL’s product lineup, the Linear Plasma technology occupies a unique position. In corona, plasma, and ALDYNE™ stations, the material intended for treatment is passed between the plasma electrode and a roll, which serves as the counter electrode. The design dictates that the maximum gap between the plasma electrode and the roll is inherently limited by the plasma discharge itself. If this gap is too wide, a homogenous plasma discharge cannot form.

Linear Plasma, on the other hand, generates a potential-free plasma discharge within the electrode housing. It then uses compressed air or a specific process gas mixture to project the plasma onto the material. This means there are no design constraints related to the maximum thickness of the material, allowing materials of any thickness to be treated effectively.

A notable challenge in the corona treatment of industrial foams and multi-wall sheets is the undesired backside and cavity treatment that can occur in air inclusions or cavities. Linear Plasma technology resolves this issue entirely.

Furthermore, cutting-edge materials like silicone wafers and plastic films, which are integral in the production of printed electronics, are highly sensitive to electric discharges. Intense electrical fields can compromise or even ruin these advanced materials. Linear Plasma, with its potential-free discharge, offers a solution, eliminating this risk altogether.


We are proud of our growing global customer base, which includes manufacturers of film production lines, finishers, film producers, and research companies. Naturally, the portfolio of products offered by SOFTAL is just as multi-faceted as our customer base. This is made possible by the modular design of our treatment systems, allowing for customer-specific changes and the rapid development of new systems and processes. This ideal starting point enables us to meet customer demands and achieve results. Guaranteed.

The numerous hardware and software solutions provided by our treatment systems ensure seamless integration into customer-specific systems and processes. Starting from proven standard components, our systems can be tailored to suit any material and/or process. We specialize in the surface treatment of your materials, so you can focus on your core business.

Industrial foams and multi-wall sheets contain air inclusions and cavities. This has historically made them unsuitable for corona treatment because undesired treatment in these areas can weaken the material and waste power. However, the basic working principle of Linear Plasma from SOFTAL eliminates this problem completely. Unlike traditional methods, the treated material does not pass between the corona electrode and a counter electrode. Instead, the plasma discharge is generated within the electrode housing and is strictly localized to the material’s surface.

In a Linear Plasma system, the plasma is generated ‘above’ the material intended for treatment and is then directed onto it using compressed air or a process gas. There is no technical limitation regarding the thickness of the material being treated in this method.

The name SOFTAL is synonymous with premium-quality systems and a high level of customer satisfaction worldwide. Our unique network of comprehensively trained service professionals, situated in strategically chosen countries, allows us to be personally present in international locations within hours.

ALDYNE™ offers a modern alternative to traditional wet chemical primer applications. Rather than using wet chemicals, ALDYNE™ employs a locally produced process gas mix of Nitrogen and inert gases, which is entirely harmless. Typically, a process gas control panel is used, allowing the operator to tailor the process gas mixture according to the specific requirements of each material being treated.


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