BIAX film


Stretched in machine and transverse directions, BIAX films are high-tech products that must meet high-quality specifications for stability, transparency, sealing, and barrier properties. Film widths of up to 11 metres and treatment speeds of more than 600 m/min place significant demands on the corona station, particularly in terms of power density requirements and the need for robust yet compact construction.

With more than 250 installed corona systems for BIAX lines, and boasting the world’s most powerful generators and electrodes, SOFTAL stands as the market and innovation leader in this domain.


SOFTAL corona stations are equipped with the patented Intelliblade™ electrode. The decisive advantage is the effective reduction of parasitic surface streamers at the electrode inlet and outlet with higher power density. A distinctive feature of SOFTAL corona stations is the use of electrode assemblies that pivot away in the web direction. In the event of a web break, the electrodes will move before any damage to the electrode occurs.


The 9100 series introduces a new generation of corona generators. These generators stand out due to their multiple parallel-switched inverter modules. This innovative design allows for a generator output power up to 144 kW, more than double the current maximum available power. With the technology leader, SOFTAL, as a partner, treatment speeds up to 1000 m/min are achievable.

SOFTAL boasts expert know-how from over 60 years of presence in the market. In our Technology Centre at the company headquarters in Hamburg, we design and develop new technologies to cater to your needs.


Exclusive to the market, SOFTAL offers an effective system for protecting the electrodes during web breaks. Evolved specifically for the requirements of BOPP systems, pivoting assemblies safeguard the electrodes against damage. This results in enhanced production efficiency and a reduction in spare parts costs. Additionally, maintenance and cleaning are simplified.

SOFTAL BOPP corona systems are installed on over 250 biorientation lines worldwide. With over 30 international representatives, 9 locations in Asia, and local service technicians with duty-paid modules in stock, SOFTAL’s global presence is evident. From our experience: You won’t need us! Nevertheless, we are here for you!

SOFTAL corona systems ensure reliable production operation in countries with high humidity. The advantage of SOFTAL’s know-how, with heated insulators and warm air drying systems, is particularly applicable in Asian markets.

With the CRD electrode, SOFTAL introduces the industry’s most powerful corona electrode to the market. Utilizing this innovative design allows for minimal treater roll diameters, leading to savings through compact and cost-effective construction, benefits which are passed on to our customers.

The SOFTAL 9100 Series module generators provide up to 144 kW of corona power, doubling the current market maximum. With this new series and the synchronization of the generators, corona treatment on BOPP lines is no longer limited by film width and production speed.

The modular design, where each module supplies 12 kW, ensures production efficiency and reduces costs related to downtime and service. A defective module can be swapped out with a new “Plug & Play” module, and the generator is back in production.


SOFTAL Corona & Plasma

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SOFTAL Corona & Plasma

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