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The surface treatment of foams and sheets presents very specific challenges. On one hand, these materials are, by definition, much thicker than simple films, necessitating a larger distance between the plasma electrode and counter electrode. On the other hand, they are rarely solid, often containing cavities or air inclusions. A conventional corona treatment approach would invariably result in plasma forming inside these cavities, leading to undesired treatment of these areas. This presents several disadvantages, including reduced power available for treating the material surface and unintended weakening of the cavity walls.

The Linear Plasma process by SOFTAL provides an economical solution to these challenges. In a Linear Plasma-based treatment process, the plasma discharge is ignited between two internal electrodes and then propelled onto the material using compressed air or another gas. Since no counter-electrode is required on the underside of the material, this process enables an economical, industrially viable surface treatment of materials of any thickness without the risks of cavity or backside treatment.


We are proud of our growing global customer base, which includes manufacturers of film production lines, finishers, film producers, and research companies. Naturally, the portfolio of products offered by SOFTAL is just as multi-faceted as our customer base. This is made possible by the modular design of our treatment systems, allowing for customer-specific changes and the rapid development of new systems and processes. This ideal starting point enables us to meet customer demands and achieve results. Guaranteed.

SOFTAL has been part of the corona and plasma industry for more than half a century. Our engineers and developers know what really matters at the end of the production day. Factors like easy maintenance and service, low operating costs, long life, and optimum operator safety are considered early in the development process to ensure maximum user-friendliness and uptime.

The numerous hardware and software solutions provided by our treatment systems ensure seamless integration into customer-specific systems and processes. Starting from proven standard components, our systems can be tailored to suit any material and/or process. We specialize in the surface treatment of your materials, so you can focus on your core business.

Industrial foams and multi-wall sheets contain air inclusions and cavities, which historically made them unsuitable for corona treatment. Undesired treatment in these areas can weaken the material and waste power. The basic working principle of Linear Plasma from SOFTAL eliminates this problem entirely. Unlike traditional methods, the treated material does not pass between the corona electrode and a counter electrode. Instead, the plasma discharge is generated within the electrode housing and is strictly localized to the material’s surface.

Linear Plasma is an advancement of the Plasma Jet technology and is suitable for treating large surface areas. Since no counter-electrode outside the electrode housing is required, this technology can accommodate materials of virtually unlimited thickness. Another significant feature of Linear Plasma is its ability to produce a potential-free plasma. This makes it usable even on the most sensitive materials that would typically be compromised by a plasma discharge.


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