Silicone roller sleeve

The dielectric prevents short circuits between the high-voltage electrode and counter and ensures that the discharge energy is evenly distributed over the entire width of the electrode. To achieve a homogenous discharge pattern and a high surface treatment quality, the electrodes and the dielectric located between them, are chosen specifically for the treatment process.

From the viewpoint of the user, the main criteria for a high-quality dielectric are reliability, short repair times and low cost. Silicone rubber fulfils these criteria and has become the material of choice all over the world.

The silicone coatings used in Europe today are economical, robust and suitable for highest web speeds. Minor defects in a silicone sleeve can be repaired without removal of the treater roll from the treatment station. Heavily damaged silicone sleeves are quickly and easily replaced at low cost.

SOFTAL offers suitable replacement sleeves for corona stations in all variations.



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