Forschung und Entwicklung

Research & Development

To fulfil our promise “Adhesion guaranteed” we need to consider all factors affecting the plasma discharge and treatment efficiency in the planning and development phase of new corona solutions.

Our in-house research laboratory has the necessary technical resources available to simulate almost all operating conditions and present results. The lab equipment is built from the same modules and components as our production systems, ensuring true up-scaling to production-level sizes. It goes without saying that the equipment available to our laboratory is the latest in corona system design. There are occasions where standard corona systems are unable to achieve the desired results. In this case, we rely on our plasma-based systems such as Linear Plasma or ALDYNE™. Often combined with our patented liquid cooled ceramic electrodes, ALDYNE™ utilizes a plasma discharge within a precisely controlled process gas atmosphere to achieve extremely high surface energy results.

In the context of collaborative research projects with universities and company research departments, we are constantly advancing the practical applications of plasma technology, making the inherent benefits available to new industry sectors. Successful research projects into the plasma treatment of textiles and sensitive films for printed electronics are two examples of many research projects that have laid the foundation for SOFTAL treatment systems commercially available today.