Surface treatment of Printed Electronics materials

The task

Tomorrow’s technology will be based on high tech materials that are being developed today. Newly developed film materials make it possible to design printed circuits, flexible displays and efficient thin-film batteries that will be the basis for fascinating new consumer products in the near future.

These are ideally suited for plasma surface treatment, which serves, for example, to increase surface adhesion before printing electronic circuits or before laminating different material layers. As some of these high-tech materials are extremely sensitive to electric discharges, special consideration and special processes are required here.

In several project partnerships with universities and corporate development departments, SOFTAL has investigated different approaches to the plasma treatment of highly sensitive films. The result is a market-ready process offering potential-free treatment of even the most sensitive substrates.



High wettability


No more wet chemicals


Environmentally friendly process


SOFTAL Quality


Maßgefertigte Lösungen


Adhesion guaranteed

We are proud of our growing global customer base that includes manufacturers of film production lines, finishers, film producers and research companies.
Naturally, the portfolio of products offered by SOFTAL is just as multi-faceted as our customer base. This is made possible by the modular design of our treatment systems, which allows customer-specific changes and a rapid development of new systems and processes. This ideal starting point allows us to meet customer demands and achieve results. Guaranteed.

Install and forget

SOFTAL has been part of the corona and plasma industry for more than half a century. Our engineers and developers know, what really matters at the end of the production day. Factors like easy maintenance and service, low operating cost, long life and the optimum in operator safety are considered early in the development process to ensure maximum user-friendliness and up-time.

Customer-specific interfaces and solutions

The numerous hardware and software solutions offered by our treatment systems ensure seamless integration into customer-specific systems and processes. Starting from proven standard components, our systems can be modified to suit any material and/or process. We specialize in the surface treatment of your materials – so you can concentrate on your core business.

Film types

There are film materials that require an extremely high-powered plasma discharge to achieve the desired effect, others are so sensitive to electric discharges that they would be destroyed, even in a standard low-power plasma discharge. There is a solution for every film – just ask us.

The environmentally friendly alternative

Plasma treatment is the better alternative to wet chemical primers! The high costs for storage and disposal of chemicals are eliminated as well as the high energy and time consumption of the process steps for primer application and drying.

Treatment stations for Printed Electronics

Plasma treatment of films used for Printed Electronics is a technically challenging process that requires a suitable corona treatment station. These corona stations are custom-engineered to suit the customer’s individual application.

Corona generators for Printed Electronics

Plasma treatment of films used for Printed Electronics is a technically challenging process that requires a suitable corona treatment station. Just as the corona treatment station, the generator is custom-engineered to fit individual processes and needs.