Gute Gruende fuer Softal

Good reasons for choosing SOFTAL

SOFTAL Corona & Plasma GmbH was founded in the 1950s. This was still early days in the industrial application of corona technology. Due to its many advantages, corona technology has become indispensable in many industry sectors and is still setting standards today. As an early pioneer, SOFTAL had the unique opportunity to witness the advance of this fascinating technology and take an active part in the development of it.

Although there is a world of difference between early products and the systems of today, on thing has remained unchanged: The SOFTAL promise “Adhesion guaranteed” has been a constant in the industry for more than 50 years. The slogan clearly defines the goal of our work: The specified adhesion on our customers’ materials. To achieve the specified adhesion, a corona system is designed and custom-made based on the budget, process and material of the customer.

With over 250 BOPP treatment stations in the market and more than 10.000 corona stations manufactured SOFTAL Corona & Plasma GmbH is one of the most experienced suppliers in the market.

Reasons for SOFTAL

Install and forget

SOFTAL has been part of the corona and plasma industry for more than half a century. Our engineers and developers know, what really matters at the end of the production day. Factors like easy maintenance and service, low operating cost, long life and the optimum in operator safety are considered early in the development process to ensure maximum user-friendliness and uptime.

Adhesion guaranteed

We are proud of our growing global customer base that includes manufacturers of film production lines, finishers, film producers and research companies. Naturally, the portfolio of products offered by SOFTAL is just as multi-faceted as our customer base. This is made possible by the modular design of our treatment systems, which allows customer-specific changes and a rapid development of new systems and processes. This ideal starting point allows us to meet customer demands and achieve results. Guaranteed.

Customer-specific interfaces and solutions

The numerous hardware and software solutions offered by our treatment systems ensure seamless integration into customer-specific systems and processes. Starting from proven standard components, our systems can be modified to suit any material and/or process. We specialize in the surface treatment of your materials – so you can concentrate on your core business.

Reliable service

The name SOFTAL is synonymous with premium quality systems and a high level of customer satisfaction. Our unique network of comprehensively trained service professionals located in strategically chosen countries allows us to be personally present in international locations in a matter of hours.