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Milestones in the development of SOFTAL

2003 Expansion of company premises by 100%.
1999 Barrier electrodes 99107861 | 150
New design of plasma electrodes for manufacturing plasma sources for the treatment of wide webs.
1998 Porous webs
Electrode assembly for treatment including inner surfaces of webs and non-woven fabrics.
1995 Construction of own company headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.
1994 Corona deposition
Plasma surface treatment in inert gas atmosphere. Addition of reactive gases or monomers for controlled reaction or deposition.
1991 Electrode 91101411 | 120
Electrode system for surface treatment of three-dimensional bodies with ionized gases..
1984 Relocation to larger premises
Friedrich-Ebert Damm 202, Hamburg, Germany
1982 Multimesselektrode P3219538 | 86
New variable electrode system. The MM electrode assembly yields higher and longer-lasting surface treatment effects.
MM electrodes do not deform when they warm up and can handle extremely high electrical power ratings.
1980 Electro-erosive perforation P3016622 | 77
Micro-perforation of paper with electrically controlled sparks.
1974 Ozone station P2433224 | 48
First use of new surface oxidation technology with reactive gas (O3) instead of corona. Main area of application is the treatment of molten LDPE in extrusion coaters.
1970 Corona treatment of metal foils P2014646 | 10
Specialized electrodes for direct contact corona treatment of aluminum foils. With this technology, the range of applications was extended to laminating and printing machines.
1969 Rebranding to SOFTAL electronic GmbH.
1963 Rebranding to Deutsche Vetaphone Gesellschaft: Focus on Corona. German market introduction by Holger Bille.
1959 Founded 12. May 1959 as AEROTRON Gesellschaft für elektronische Geräte m.b.H, Hamburg: Marketing of a number of electrical measuring devices.

Development Milestones

Treatment of SOFT-Aluminum (SOFTAL patent)
Profile Electrode (SOFTAL patent)
MM Electrode (SOFTAL patent)
SOFTAL Ceramic Electrodes (SOFTAL patent)
SOFTAL Wide Web Technology
ALDYNE™ Technology (SOFTAL, Air Liquide patents)
Nanopriming™ Technology


SOFTAL - Companies Products
CERAL - Dielectric ceramic coating
CERON - Conductive ceramic coating
SORBAL - Ozone incinerator
SORBEX - Ozone system for extrusion coating
SORTEX - Corona System for fabrics
MM - Multimesser electrode