Surface treatment of BOPP Film

The task

Stretched in machine and transverse directions, BOPP films are high tech products with high quality specifications for stability and transparency as well as sealing and barrier properties. Film widths up to 11 metres and treatment speeds up to 600 m/min place high demands on the corona station with respect to the requirements for power density and robust yet compact construction.

With more than 250 installed corona systems for BOPP lines, and the world’s highest power generators and electrodes, SOFTAL is the market and innovation leader in this field.


SOFTAL corona stations are fitted with the patented Intelliblade™ electrode. The decisive advantage lies in the successful reduction of parasitic surface streamers at the electrode inlet and outlet at higher power density utilising up to 28 blade discharge electrodes.

Using electrode assemblies which pivot away in the web direction is a distinctive feature of SOFTAL corona stations. In the event of a web break the electrodes will move before damage to the electrode occurs.

World´s most powerful corona

The 9100 series presents a new generation of corona generators. These generators are distinguished from others by their multiple parallel switched inverter modules. This innovative design enables generator output power up to 144 kW to be achieved; more than double the current maximum available power. With technology leader SOFTAL as partner, treatment speeds up to 1000 m/min are attainable.

SOFTAL possesses expert Know-How through more than 50 years presence in the market. In our Technology Centre at company headquarters in Hamburg, we plan and develop new technologies to meet your needs.



Improved adhesion


High wettability


SOFTAL quality


Custom-engineered solutions


Pivoting Electrode Assemblies

Exclusive to the market, SOFTAL offers a successful system for protection of the electrodes at web breaks. Specific to the requirements of BOPP systems evolved pivoting assemblies preserve the electrodes against damage. This leads to improvement in production efficiency and reduction in spare parts costs.
Additionally, maintenance and cleaning is simplified.

Most Powerful Electrodes

With the CRD electrode, SOFTAL presents the industry’s most powerful corona electrode to the market. Utilising this innovative design permits minimal treater roll diameters bringing economies through compact and cost effective construction which are passed on to our customers.

Generators by Technology Leader

The SOFTAL 9100 Series module generators offer up to 144 kW corona power, double the current market maximum. With this new series and synchronisation of the generators corona treatment on BOPP lines is no longer restricted by the film width and production speed.
The modular design, with each module supplying 12 kW, guarantees production efficiency and minimises costs due to downtime and service. A defective module can be replaced with a new “Plug & Play” module and the generator is back in production.

Custom made for operation in high humidity

SOFTAL corona systems provide secure production operation in countries with high humidity. Especially in Asian markets is the advantage of SOFTAL Know-How with heated insulators and warm air drying systems applicable.

In emergency we are there

SOFTAL BOPP corona systems are installed on over 250 biorientation lines worldwide. Over 30 international representatives with 9 locations in Asia and local service technicians with duty paid modules in stock all illustrate the SOFTAL global presence.

From our experience: You will not need us! Nevertheless we are here for you!

Discover other products from SOFTAL

Corona stations

The portfolio of products offered by SOFTAL is as diverse as the possible applications of corona technology. Our corona and plasma systems are always based on our tried and tested standard components, but specifically chosen and adopted to meet the demands of your materials and processes.

Corona generators

SOFTAL corona generators are, of course, just as adaptive as our corona stations. It goes without saying that the products of a company that has been successful in the market for decades offer the ease-of-use, robustness, low maintenance and service costs and numerous small and large solutions for smooth everyday production work that you expect form a global player.