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Range of materials and surfaces

SOFTAL systems offer solutions for most materials and surfaces.
The focus is on our customers individual needs and expectations. If required, we are happy to provide economical solutions or develop brand-new systems and specialized equipment.

The right technology for every problem

Are you familiar with corona and plasma and know, which technology you need?
Here you will find further information about the technologies offered by SOFTAL.


Material surfaces are treated with the plasma generated by a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) to increase their surface energy. An increase in surface energy leads to an increase in the adhesive forces exerted by the surface, which is a major advantage for printing, laminating and other processes. This effect is therefore used frequently in the production and converting of plastic films and other substrates.


It does not always have to be chemical primers! There is a better, cheaper and more environmentally-friendly alternative: ALDYNE™ allows treatment in a controlled gas atmosphere and ensures better and longer-lasting adhesion at lower cost per square meter.


Plasma technology takes corona treatment one step further. In contrast to corona treatment, the plasma discharge is ignited in a nitrogen atmosphere. This means that plasma treatment stations from SOFTAL offer precise control of the discharge atmosphere and precise control of treatment results.

Linear Plasma

Linear Plasma is a further development of the Plasma Jet technology and suitable for treatment of large surface areas. As no counter-electrode outside of the electrode housing is required, this technology is suitable for materials of virtually unlimited thickness. Another important feature of Linear Plasma is the ability to generate a potential-free plasma, which is usable on even the most sensitive materials that would otherwise be destroyed by a plasma discharge.


SORTEX™ is an innovative and cost-saving technology for the treatment of fabric strands or panels that does not utilize wet chemicals. Plasma treatment is performed in a closed system within a reliable and environmentally friendly process.

Industries that rely on SOFTAL

SOFTAL puts 50 years of experience at your service. That is why important players in core industry sectors rely on SOFTAL. But see for yourself, which solution we have for your industry sector.


Our surface treatment systems are built from a number of core components and can easily be adapted to fit your individual needs, if required. Of course, we also offer individual components as replacement parts for your existing systems.